Let the good times roll

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This is how I let the good times roll! We are good time Rollers.This is how I let the good times roll! We are good time Rollers.

Employee name

Natsuki Uda

Affiliation name

Business Planning Division

We are good time Rollers.007


What do you think of the President taking the lead in making this statement?

Although the idea of bringing enjoyment to our customers has always been there, it didn’t extend to employees. Some people probably have negative feelings or concerns about spinning off the company, so I think the President’s statement of positivity and change is really significant in lighting up a bright path to the future.


How do you have a good time in and out of work?

Racing on- and off-road and riding circuits and enduros has presented me with lots of experiences and challenges.
Sometimes it was tough, but now the memories are all good.
Motorcycles have taught me that it’s not a matter of being suited to something or not; if you throw yourself into the task at hand you can ultimately have a good time.


Tell us about your future good times.

There’s an old saying in the motorcycle world: “You don’t know how fun motorcycles can be unless you’ve ridden them.” By all of us enjoying ourselves to the max, I want to make people say: “You can tell just by looking, they’re having a good time!”.