Let the good times roll

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This is how I let the good times roll! We are good time Rollers.This is how I let the good times roll! We are good time Rollers.

Employee name

Asahi Tamashiro

Affiliation name

Planning Division

We are good time Rollers.003


What do you think of the President taking the lead in making this statement?

It reaffirmed that we make products to bring people good times. I tended to forget that when I was tied up with day-to-day work and focused on the task at hand, but I’d like to engage with each task with a sense of challenge and good times.


How do you have a good time in and out of work?

By not fearing failure. You tend to become negative if your ideas differ from those around you and you get criticized when you are inexperienced or trying things for the first time. That’s when you need to free yourself from fear, take failure and criticism as a chance to learn, and work energetically by taking positive action.


Tell us about your future good times.

I have goals in and out of work. They enable me to systematically get key things done in limited time and keep me motivated. Ultimately this brings success, and I have a good time doing what I do.