Let the good times roll

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This is how I let the good times roll! We are good time Rollers.This is how I let the good times roll! We are good time Rollers.

Employee name

Mizuho Yamamoto

Affiliation name

No. 2 Design Division

We are good time Rollers.006


What do you think of the President taking the lead in making this statement?

I really identified with the statement, because I also think that good times are more energizing than anything. I often hit obstacles at work and tend to forget about having a good time, but now I’d like to tackle challenges with a sense of enjoyment.


How do you have a good time in and out of work?

I try to talk with as many people as I can, because it exposes me to perspectives and opinions that wouldn’t otherwise occur to me and lets me see things from various angles. I like making new discoveries, so I try to interact with people beyond my own division.


Tell us about your future good times.

Watching people having fun makes me positive. To broaden the circle of good times between me and those I meet, I want to value intuition and keep trying things that seem enjoyable.