Let the good times roll

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This is how I let the good times roll! We are good time Rollers.This is how I let the good times roll! We are good time Rollers.

Employee name

Kotaro Otani

Affiliation name

Affiliated Enterprises Division

We are good time Rollers.005


What do you think of the President taking the lead in making this statement?

As a motorcycle enthusiast, I want to ride bikes developed with great care, and it’s interesting to see what kind of people are involved in that, so it’s great to have this message from the President.


How do you have a good time in and out of work?

If something interests me, I want to enjoy being on both the giving and receiving sides. You can have good times looking at a picture or painting one, buying a motorcycle or selling one.


Tell us about your future good times.

We’re expecting our second child, so it looks like we’ll be pretty busy, but I want to have good times balancing work, home, and hobbies.