Let the good times roll

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This is how I let the good times roll! We are good time Rollers.This is how I let the good times roll! We are good time Rollers.

Employee name

Hiroshi Ito

Affiliation name

President, Managing Executive Officer

We are good time Rollers.001


What prompted you to make such a powerful personal statement to launch the new company?

People sometimes hesitate to enjoy their work because it might seem inappropriate, but personally I think you should have a good time at work.

That’s why I want our employees to enjoy good times.
If people still hesitate to have a good time at work even if they are encouraged to, then it’s my job to show them it’s OK.
It’s important to love the work you do; don’t just do it because it’s your job.

If you have a good time at work, your job is not a hassle. Or look at it another way: you can’t keep on doing a job if you’re not having a good time.

I have no doubts about that, and believe this forms our identity.
This belief applies not only to product planning and development, but equally to marketing.Everybody here loves what they do, and this is the strength of Kawasaki Motors as a whole.


Prompted by the statement “We are good time Rollers,” what are you doing specifically?

I chose this industry and stuck with it because I love motorcycles, and this led me to where I am today.
If I hadn’t followed my heart, I wouldn’t be the person I am.

Obviously, companies have rules and have to make a profit, so things don’t always go the way you want.
Even so, it’s vital to keep doing what interests you.

Corporate growth is built on that kind of attitude and effort.
I take pride in Kawasaki Motors as a company with real capabilities.
I want to link those capabilities to further corporate growth and the happiness of our employees and everyone we deal with.

It’s natural to have a good time. How much can you achieve on top of that?
I think it is really that simple. I just want everyone to overcome any hesitation and embrace the challenge.