LIME GREEN Symbol of Challenge

Lime Green is virtually synonymous with Kawasaki. How did it come to be Kawasaki's symbol colour? And what feelings does the vivid colour evoke?

It all started at Daytona in 1968

Daytona 1968

The story of this special colour began at Daytona in 1968. The paddock was buzzing. Kawasaki had just rolled out their A1R racer – and it was painted a scandalous shade of green. At the time, racing was very superstitious, and green – considered extremely unlucky – was a colour everyone avoided. By deliberately choosing to use Lime Green, Kawasaki announced to the world that conventional thinking would not be a barrier to the pursuit of new challenges.

Kawasaki's history is a history of challenges. The Tandem Twin engine, monocoque frame, Uni-Trak suspension... Such technological advancements were all achieved by resolutely exploring avenues that would give others pause – and all became weapons in our challenge for victory. In this Kawasaki has been constant. Not content in the comfort of convention, unafraid of failure, we have forged ahead, creating our own path. Pushing forward while remaining true to our convictions has been Kawasaki's ongoing mission and is our unchanging value.

Proudly cloaked in Lime Green, Kawasaki racers continue this challenge today.