Inquiries via the Internet

We accept inquiries from customers through this Web site. We use inquiries as a reference for developing better products and providing better services in the future.

Malfunctions, product repairs, and spare parts cannot be handled through "Inquiries via the Internet." Please contact the dealer where you purchased the product or the distributor.

Replies to customers' inquiries may take some time. Also, please note that inquiries received during company off-duty days will be responded to on or after the next business day.

In principle, inquiry replies will be sent to the e-mail address from which the inquiry was sent. In the cases of mistyped e-mail addresses or system glitches, some replies will not arrive.

Depending on the inquiry contents, we may reply by phone or letter instead of e-mail.

Also, depending on the inquiry contents, we may not respond. Please note that we hold no responsibility to reply or respond to all received inquiries.

We send e-mail to customers in order to individually answer questions. Please refrain from using part or all of our inquiry reply for any other purpose.

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