Ninja Kawasaki's Leading Edge


In production racing, grand prix and endurance racing,
the name “Ninja” is carved in the annals of racing history.

Super-Fast Production Bikes ‐Production Racing‐

Countries all around the world host production racing – competition between production-based race machines – the pinnacle of which is the Superbike World Championship.
In a category where success often depends on the base performance of the street models from which the racers are built, Ninja race machines have shown themselves to be winners.
In turn, the experience gained in fierce competition of racing is used to improve the performance of our production bikes. Every Ninja you see on the street was born with race DNA in its veins.

2013 Superbike World Championship Champion

2015 Cross-category Domination

2012 Supersport World Championship Champion2011 Asia Road Racing Championship Champion

1993 Superbike World Championship Champion

The Quest for Ultimate Speed ‐MotoGP‐

In 2002, after an absence of twenty years, Kawasaki returned to GP racing. Kawasaki’s prototype racing machine featured our most advanced technology and proudly bore the Ninja name. Like all Ninja models, it featured an unconventional design and innovative development. The Ninja ZX-RR showed remarkable promise and left an indelible impression on the world of MotoGP.
Kawasaki withdrew from MotoGP in 2008, but the knowledge and experience gained there was applied to the Ninja production machines that followed, contributing to the outstanding performance they are famous for.

2002-2008 Road Racing World Championship Grand Prix MotoGP

Speed & Strength ‐Endurance Racing‐

Racing for hour after punishing hour at the limits of performance, endurance racing is sometimes called a rolling development department. In this, the toughest of all racing, Kawasaki has earned an unrivalled reputation for speed and durability. And of course, our Ninja racers are no exception.
Kawasaki won the Endurance World Championship multiple times in the 1990s, and with repeated wins in the prestigious 24 Hours of Le Mans (2012, 2013) and Bol d’Or (24 Hours) (2011, 2012, 2013, 2015) in recent years, continues to display its strength in endurance racing.
Proudly carrying on the Kawasaki tradition of durability, the Ninja racers blaze their way to victory in the night.

Endurance World Championship Bol d'Or 24 Hours Winner: 2011, 2012, 2013

Endurance World Championship Le Mans 24 Hours Winner: 2012, 2013

1994 & 1996 Endurance World Championship Champion1985 Endurance World Championship Suzuka 8 Hours

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