Kawasaki: Past, Present, Future

It was 43 years ago that Kawasaki unveiled the Z1.

Z1 (1972)

Renowned for its almighty performance, its engine was more powerful than anything seen before, and its nimble handling belied the fact that it was the largest-displacement road sports model on the market. Then last year, the Ninja H2 and Ninja H2R introduced a never-before-experienced acceleration sensation care of a supercharged engine.

Ninja H2 (2015)

No matter the era, Kawasaki motorcycles have always been the performance leaders of their time. But our goal has never been to merely provide performance for its own sake; we believe that riders should be able to enjoy Kawasaki motorcycles with all of their senses: taking in the beautifully sculpted lines, revelling in the carefully crafted exhaust note, savouring the rhythm of the thrumming engine. Across all kinds of riding, a Kawasaki should speak to the rider’s spirit. Kawasaki motorcycles have always been – and will continue to be – designed this way.

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