Kawasaki undertook two collaboration projects – each with a like-minded brand – to bring you new accessories that will enrich your motorcycle life.

junhashimoto / Collaboration Jackets in Consultation with LEON

A fusion of simple, classic styling and new materials and details, these hybrid jackets,
designed in consultation with the adult’s quality lifestyle magazine LEON,
will match both new and vintage motorcycle models.

● About junhashimoto

Designer Jun Hashimoto established his brand in 2008. Influenced by his experience working with Italian brands in Italy, his designs are known for their simple appearance with his characteristic attention to details. Not satisfied to simply create his Western-style works using sketches and patterns, he insists on thoroughly checking their fit and beauty when they are actually being worn. He has exhibited at the Pitti Uomo in Florence, Italy, recognised as one of the world’s most important events for men’s fashion, and he his highly acclaimed both domestically and abroad. The two collaboration jackets designed with Kawasaki and LEON will be available for purchase at his wholly-owned outlet “junhashimoto TOKYO” in Tokyo’s Omotesando fashion district.

● junhashimoto TOKYO

Omotesando Hills 2F
4-12-10 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
TEL: 03-5414-1400

● junhashimoto Online Shopping Site:



A modern take on a single-breasted rider’s jacket. The material used is washable lamb leather. The leather’s suppleness allows the jacket to quickly come to fit the wearer, and the wrinkles that form when the material is squeezed quickly give the jacket a unique expression. Stretch leather used at the sides to join the front and rear of the jacket enable a tight-fitting silhouette while offering the ease of movement to get into a riding position. The stretch panels have the same appearance as the lamb leather, so do not take away from the jacket’s simple design.
● Limited to 20 pieces. ¥189,000 (tax incl.)


Made from highly durable Cordura fabric, the safari jacket is surprisingly supple. The jacket’s details were all designed with riding in mind: a tall collar that doesn’t interfere with a helmet; waist belt; action pleats on the back at the shoulders; adjustable wrist straps; inner ribs. The functional cotton inner liner provides excellent insulation.
● Limited to 30 pieces. ¥91,800 (tax incl.)

Wearing the Vintage Rider’s Jacket, Yuji Horiuchi, General Manager of the Research & Development Division of Kawasaki’s Motorycle & Engine Company, rides a W800 in the 60th Anniversary Tokyo Motor Show Parade held on Saturday, October 24.


Designed in collaboration with a Japanese brand that prides itself on craftsmanship,
these high-quality leather items will bring the owner pleasure wherever they are.



Utashinai city, Hokkaido, was a once thriving coal-mining community and had a population close to 50,000.As Japan modernized and switched from coal to oil as an energy source, the population decreased. During that period of time, in 1964, SOMÈS SADDLE was founded and was one of the new companies attracted there. Saddlery had supported the development of Hokkaido since the Meiji period. Having inherited this art, skilled craftsmen gathered here to develop world-class harnesses. The challenge to reach the summit on the path to excellence had begun.


The Ideals Behind the Craftsmanship

The kanji for “saddle” consists of “leather” and “safety”. “Security and safety” are the most important things for saddles, to which people entrust their lives. There cannot be any compromise in the quality of either the materials used or the hand-made nature of the work. “The spirit of authenticity” has been learnt from having crafted harnesses for the Imperial Japanese Household, and making saddles for jockeys such as Yutaka Take and Mirco Demuro. Having built upon the skills and wisdom of different generations, and putting their heart into the craftsmanship, the small discoveries made within everyday work have led to the creation of new art.
Ever since the foundation, SOMÈS SADDLE has handcrafted all their products. For their products to become more than just “tools” and to be loved by their customers over time, they offer a suite of services from designing and production to sales and repair.

Bringing Japanese Craftsmanship to the World

SOMÈS SADDLE’s Sunagawa factory/showroom is located in Sunagawa city, in the middle of Sorachi Plain between Sapporo and Asahikawa. They create their products surrounded by nature, feeling the seasons with about 700 trees planted by the company. Between spring and fall, their horses are put out to pasture in the central yard. They share the pleasure of crafting with the locals by holding events such as horseback riding and leather item crafting. While searching for the possibilities that come from “craftsmanship” and “community” at home, they continue their effort to build relationships and communicate with their customers all over the world.

● SOMÈS SADDLE web site:


The Kawasaki × SOMÈS SADDLE collaboration pieces will be available for purchase for a limited period in the Spring of 2016 at Kawasaki Motors Japan’s direct-management dealerships* across the country.

* Direct-management dealerships:
Kawasaki PLAZA Sendai, Kawasaki PLAZA Tokyo, Kawasaki PLAZA Shizuoka,
Kawasaki PLAZA Osaka, Kawasaki PLAZA Okayama, Kawasaki PLAZA Fukuoka.

For information about Kawasaki’s direct-management dealerships, please visit: 

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